Do You Need Towing Services? Important Steps to Take Before and After

No one can predict when they will experience a car breakdown. Your vehicle can malfunction at any point without warning. These unplanned breakdowns can end up ruining your day even when you have emergency kits. The best way to get moving with your day is by calling emergency towing services. However, you must understand what to do before and after your tow truck arrives. That way, you will not end up in sticky situations. Here are things to keep in mind when working with towing services.

1. Contact Your Insurance Firm First

It is vital to start by calling your insurer even when it is not business hours. The insurance company will let you know the steps you should take. In most cases, insurance firms work with experienced towing companies. Therefore, they might advise you on which towing service to call. Sometimes the insurer can call their preferred towing company on your behalf. 

2. Take Pictures

Taking pictures of the scene before the towing firm arrives can prove helpful. Most people ignore the need to take photos. But these photographs can be beneficial when making claims with your insurance company. Ensure you do not delete the pictures until you are sure you do not need them. That means waiting until your car gets the necessary repairs and you get your reimbursement. 

3. Get a Price Estimate

Different towing companies use varying methods to transport vehicles. Some companies will charge you per mile while others have a flat rate. The flat rate is most suitable if you are not close to the destination. But if you are near the destination, charging per mile is more cost-efficient. Apart from their price rates, it is also vital to know the payment methods they accept. The best companies will take various modes of payment. That way, you can choose the method you prefer for making payments. 

4. Remove All Important Items

The first thing you should do is to remove all personal items from your car. That way, you can prevent things from getting lost or damaged. Most towing companies have a policy where they are not accountable for your items. Thus, you should remove any valuable item in your vehicle. You should also check that you have all the necessary insurance documents.

5. Go Over the Paperwork

Lastly, when the tow truck driver arrives, they will have to give you an invoice to review. Take the time to go over the documents you receive to ensure it is not a blank contract. Also, only sign for the driver to tow your motor to your chosen location.