How to safely hook your electric vehicle to a tow truck

If you've made the switch to using electricity for your vehicle, you may be enjoying many different perks. Electric cars are more efficient and often more powerful, and you end up saving on fuel costs.

However, there are several design differences between regular and electric vehicles that you should be aware of. These differences may affect how your vehicle is hooked to a tow truck in the event of a roadside emergency.

As an electric car owner, it helps to be aware of how you can safely hook up your vehicle to a tow truck without causing any further damages.

Consider the engine

If your vehicle breaks down due to a drained battery or an operational problem, ensure that the tow truck driver handles your engine with caution. Any hooks and chains attached to the vehicle shouldn't penetrate the engine area or contact your battery. In addition, any loose parts inside the engine should be secured to prevent them from falling off as the vehicle is being towed.

Be careful with the battery

Car battery problems are not uncommon in electric vehicles. In addition to the battery running out of charge, it may develop charging complications or decay after years of use.

During towing, the heavy car battery should be secured in place to prevent unintentional damage. This is especially important for "hook and chain" tow trucks where the front wheels of your vehicle are raised (while the back wheels are on the road).

Turn off the emergency brake

Another concern for electric cars is damage to the braking system during towing. Replacing the pads and rotors of your vehicle's brakes can be quite costly, so you should aim to avoid any unnecessary damage. The most important step is to turn off your emergency brake before the vehicle is towed.

Towing with the emergency brake on will damage your rotors and pads. The vehicle should also be put on park while being towed, as this will control unnecessary movements and keep the vehicle stable.

Ensure smooth tyre movement

If your electric vehicle was damaged after an accident, the tyres may have been affected in many different ways. Deflation, dented rims, and misalignment may all affect how your vehicle can be safely towed.

In such situations, it's best to have a flatbed tow truck transport your vehicle from the scene of the accident. Flatbed towing doesn't expose your tyres to any further damage.