Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Precautions Towing Companies Usually Take

Some owners of hybrid electric vehicles may be worried that their vehicles will sustain further damage during emergency towing after a breakdown. However, you need not worry because towing companies usually take special precautions before towing hybrid electric vehicles. This article discusses some of those precautions.

Reading Recovery Guidelines

Carmakers usually include recovery instructions in the manuals of cars. Tow service providers may also refer to the recovery guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your hybrid electric vehicle before that vehicle can be towed. The tow company may check online in case you do not have a copy of the car manual with you at the time your vehicle breaks down and needs to be towed. This approach ensures that the crew will use the recommended attachment points and procedure when securing your vehicle in order to avoid damaging its delicate components.

Identifying High Voltage Risks

The emergency towing company may also identify all the parts of the hybrid electric vehicle that pose a risk of high voltage power, such as the cables supplying electricity to the powertrain. Such cables may have a special colour and labels that warn against the risk of electric shock. Taking note of those high-risk areas helps the towing crew to avoid accidentally shorting the electrical system as they prepare your vehicle to be towed to a repair facility.

Ensuring Ample Ventilation

Another precaution that may be taken as your hybrid electric vehicle is towed is ventilating the interior of the car throughout the tow process. This can be done by keeping the car windows lowered so that any toxic fumes from a damaged battery do not accumulate inside the car and damage any of the delicate components or put your health at risk when you get back in the vehicle. Accumulated fumes may also ignite in case those fumes are not allowed to dissipate into the atmosphere.

Frequently Checking the Vehicle

Some emergency towing companies even go an extra step and stop frequently as they transport a crippled hybrid electric vehicle. Those frequent stops allow the personnel to check the vehicle for any leaks, such as leaks from the batteries of the car. Such checks allow the tow company to detect any potentially dangerous situation before it escalates to the extent of inflicting further damage to your car. For instance, the batteries may have been damaged and they start leaking fumes during the tow trip. Early detection of those fumes can avert a fire that may have damaged your vehicle even more.

If you need a 24 hour emergency towing service, make sure to communicate with them any questions or concerns you may have regarding the process.