Need to Call a Tow Truck? Avoid These Common Mistakes

If your car has broken down, you might know to call a tow truck for help, but not to what to do next. It is not uncommon to make many of these mistakes, especially when this is your first time calling a tow truck. These mistakes are important to avoid for your personal safety and security while waiting for a tow truck.

Not Alerting Other Drivers to Your Vehicle

Believe it or not, you can get into an accident while waiting for a tow truck. This happens when vehicles on the road don't see that your car is broken down, and accidentally hit it. Toa void this from happening, make it very obvious that your car is broken down and you are waiting for a tow truck to arrive. Start by turning on your hazard lights and keeping them turned on. These let others know there is a vehicle problem. Next, if you have any type of orange reflective triangles or cones in your vehicle, put them behind and around your vehicle. These not only let cars know that you are waiting for help, but helps the tow truck driver find you more easily.

Standing Outside of the Vehicle

There are only a few instances where you should wait outside of your vehicle when the tow truck driver is on their way. One reason is if you smell something burning and are concerned that there might be a fire underneath your hood. In this case, you should get as far from your vehicle as you can, but with the car still in view. You might also not want to wait in the car if there wasn't a lot of space to get out of the road and you fear someone might hit the car. Otherwise, stay in the car and keep the doors locked. If someone approaches you, kindly let them know you are waiting for a tow truck, and decline their offer for assistance.

Not Bringing Personal Items With You

As soon as you get out of the car, you should be packing up your personal items and getting them ready to go. Do this even before the tow truck arrives so that you don't forget anything in the car. The tow truck driver might not be bringing the car to your home, but to a nearby mechanic, so you need to make sure you have everything you need. Make sure you grab your purse or wallet, cell phone and charger, vehicle title, and anything else important, valuable, or personal that you have in the car.

Keep these tips in mind if you ever need towing services.