4 Different Ways to Transport Your Forklifts

Forklifts cannot be driven over public roads so, if you need to move them from one location to another, you need to think of alternative transport solutions. Such a need can arise if the forklift must be repaired at a workshop, when moving machinery from one site to another or when having your forklifts delivered after a purchase or hire order. Below, see the different forklift transport options at your disposal.

1.         Flatbed tow trailers

You can hire a flatbed tow trailer and use it to transport your forklift. Tow trailers are easily accessible and are used to carry light construction equipment, cars, machinery, ATVs, bikes and general cargo. If using a tow trailer to transport your forklift, make sure to hire a trailer that has the capacity to carry the weight of the forklift. Also be sure to have the forklift well rigged before setting out in order to prevent accidents.

2.         Flatbed tractor trucks

Flatbed tractor trucks are the most common form of transporting forklifts. Most companies that provide heavy equipment transport services use such trucks, most of which have low decks in order to allow bulk haulage and better clearance when passing under bridges or tunnels. One advantage of using flatbed trucks is that they have the capacity to carry multiple forklifts in regards to weight and space. They are, therefore, ideal for the transportation of multiple forklift units at a go.

3.         Tilt tray trucks

Tilt tray trucks are, in most cases, smaller than commercial tractor trucks. This means that they cannot carry as many forklift units as flatbed tractor trucks can. Instead, they are ideal for moving anywhere between 1-4 forklift units, depending on the size of the units being carried. The advantage with these trucks, however, is that they have tilt tray beds, and these make loading and offloading the units safer and faster.

4.         Automated tailgate trucks

Another option of transporting forklifts is to hire commercial trucks with automated tailgates. These are hydraulic-operated tailgates that can lower themselves to the ground and back up to the bed level. Just like tilt tray trucks, these trucks are not usually as large as tractor trucks. However, the automatic tailgate makes loading and offloading easy. If you go with this option, be sure to check that automatic tailgate of the unit you hire can handle the weight of your forklift.

The easiest option, of course, is to hire a transport contractor who will then deal with all the issues involved, such as transport, logistics and permits. All you'll do is wait for your units to be delivered to the agreed location at the agreed time.