Don't Overlook These Features When Having a Custom Trailer Made

A custom trailer can be just what you need to safely haul an antique vehicle or heavy-duty equipment you use for your business, or it may be used for your business itself if you sell food or other such items at a remote location. The expense of a custom trailer is worth it if it means having one that fits your needs in particular, but not if you overlook some features that can make storage, transportation, and even running a business easier and safer for you. Note a few of those features and discuss these with a custom trailer designer when you're ready to have one made.

Air conditioning

If your trailer will be enclosed, don't overlook the need for air conditioning. Not only will this keep your equipment and other such items cooler, but air conditioning also removes humidity. Excess moisture and condensation can collect on mechanical parts and inside fuel tanks and hoses and cause damage. This can also cause early rust for certain metal parts in that equipment.

If you're using the trailer for business, an interior air conditioner can also keep you downright safe when working over hot stoves, fryers, and the like. This is also important when your trailer is parked in direct sunlight even if it's not necessary overly warm during the summer months. An air conditioner can usually be attached to the ceiling of a trailer to keep it out of the way and also help vent out heat and humidity inside.


A stereo is good for a trailer in which you work, but keep in mind that it's not just for your entertainment. Playing music over the stereo can attract customers to your trailer if you set up at a location where you're selling food, souvenirs, and other such items. Many ice cream trucks use music played over loudspeakers for this reason and you can do the same with your own trailer.

Hydraulic arm

If you use the trailer for gravel or any loose items, consider a hydraulic arm. Being able to lift and tilt one end of the trailer, whether that's the end at the front or one side, can mean easier unloading for you. A hydraulic arm might also make it easier to unload certain equipment on wheels if you don't want to start the engine or motor to get the wheels spinning; tipping up the trailer can encourage the piece gently onto the back ramps for easier offloading.